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What is a Leader

What is a leader and can we obtain those skills?  Mentoring others for the past 25 years in IMG_3542Seattle, leadership is discuss with Jesse Tam.  Some believe leaders are natural skills,  others discovered through experiences or education. Here are a few observations of a natural leader from companies and associates during 30 years as an entrepreneur. The ability to connect and work as a team in the business world or as a volunteer are important to lead others.  Follow though on your ideas to reach the goal.

We are all leaders in one way or another, find that unique gift.  The talent might be in the arts, speaking, creative skills, math or sales;  but the take the steps to follow though on the idea or project once started. Taking the time to process from beginning to final stage and not quitting regardless of the outcome shows leadership.

How many of these qualities do you have?  Here are a few of the qualities that leaders demonstrate in business Confidence, Commitment, Positive Attitude, Intuition, Creativity and Ability to Inspire

            Six Qualities of a Leader                     

  1.   Confidence – believe in yourself
  2.   Commitment – follow though on your go
  3.   Positive Attitude – stick with positive people
  4.   Intuition – trust your own judgment
  5.   Creativity – use your own ideas
  6.   Ability to Inspire – work as a team