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Supporting education in Nepal: technology that improves teaching and student learning

Education and technology are important learning tools.  Jesse Tam and fellow rotarians from greater Bellevue/Seattle area had visited Nepal with computers to help less fortunate children. The collaboration included meetings with the local rotary clubs and private health care facilities, schools and private institutions.  Below is an article published supporting education in Nepal.

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Students in Nepal use laptops provided by OLE Nepal. Photo by OLE Nepal

The faces of Nepal and importance of education and technology in the changing world.  Reaching out and giving back to others.




Rotary Voices

Students in Nepal use laptops provided by OLE Nepal. Photo by OLE Nepal Students in Nepal use laptops provided by OLE Nepal. Photo by OLE Nepal

By Quentin Wodon

Rotary members come in many different styles. Most have a day job and engage in service work in their free time. Some go a step further: They make service work their day job!

Rabi Karmacharya belongs to the second group. In 2007, he founded Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal. His organization is respected internationally as a pioneer in the integration of technology in the classroom. OLE Nepal has worked with Nepal’s Department of Education to make laptops available in schools. But much more importantly, it has also developed great digital learning materials for students, and trained teachers to use technology and digital libraries to enhance learning.

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Mount Rainier View

View of  Mount Rainier National Park  in Washington state. The park was established on March 2, 1899 as the fifth national park in the United States.  A favorite place and short drive from the Seattle area,  Jesse Tam.  About 1.8 million people visit Mount Rainier each year.  The outdoors and snow cap Mount Rainier is a popular peak for mountaineering with some 10,000 attempts per year with approximately 50% making it to the summit.
One of the sites where visitors can enjoy a day trip or plan an extended stay with hiking, nature trails, meadows and lakes outdoors.  The entire park was designated a National Historical Landmark District on February 18, 1997, for it’s high standard of design and preservation the park’s rustic style architecture.
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3 Types of People – Never Forget

For the people in our lives who made a difference and impact – this quote is something to think about.
Thoughts…reflections…life skill
     Never Forget
3 Types of People in Your Life
                  1. Who helped you in your difficult times.
            2. Who left you in your difficult times.
   3. Who put you in difficult times.

Seattle Fans – Seahawks Season

Century Link Field

The Seattle Seahawks sealed an extension for $87 million with Russell Wilson just prior to training camp.

Jesse Tam, it’s football season when 2500 Seahawks fans line up at The Landing  for a spot on the lawn at Seahawks Training Camp!   The first of 14 Training Camp sessions, and tickets for the event (free, but $7 to get on the bus) sold out very quickly. These lucky 12s get to watch their favorite players from perhaps the closest perspective ever; and to see them as they prepare and practice hard is a treat itself.

The Seattle fans get the red- er, blue- carpet treatment, with food-for-purchase by Metropolitan Grill, and Seahawks faves Blue Thunder, the Sea Gals, and Blitz!  It’s the start of another season of football and awaiting for the playoff with hopes to another super bowl opportunity.  Pre-season games in August increase businesses to the SODO, International district, Pioneer square restaurants and viewing facilities for the games.  Out of town visitors will make the trek across eastern Washington, Canada and Portland…to join the excitement at the stadium with the Seahawks fans.

Tourism and hotels increase revenue for the city and region with food concessions, dining, shopping.  Another anticipating year for the 12’s fan with Russell leading the way.

century link

Training Camp