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Biggest Holiday Hires

Seattle headquarters Amazon will have the biggest holiday seasonal hires in US.Retailers act early to keep holiday shipping promises, trying to avoid another debacle  Retail customers shopping habit changed with online purchases and direct deliveries within one or two days. Some merchandise are available within the same day of purchase for those who are in a rush for items. Jesse Tam reblog Geekwire.

Amazon says it’s preparing to bring aboard as many as 100,000 seasonal-workers at its U.S. fulfillment and sorting centers this year — the latest indication that the e-commerce giant is set for a big holiday shopping season.

That’s a new record for Amazon’s seasonal hiring, up from 80,000 a year ago and 70,000 in 2013. It’s double the 50,000 seasonal workers that the company hired for the 2012 holiday shopping season.  Amazon says many of its seasonal workers go on to regular full-time positions at the company…

The news follows analyst predictions that Amazon will trounce traditional retailers such as Walmart  this holiday season with deep discounting and fast delivery.

This year’s record seasonal hiring plans come in addition to the more than 25,000 full-time workers that Amazon says it has hired for its fulfillment and sorting centers since August, to “meet customer demand and prepare for the upcoming holiday season.”

Also of note: Amazon disclosed as part of this morning’s announcement that more than 90,000 full-time employees are working in its 50 fulfillment centers and 20 sortation facilities in the country. That’s almost half of the 183,100 overall company wide employees that Amazon reported as of the end of June.

Amazon will report its third-quarter earnings on Thursday, and the addition of those 25,000 new workers since August means the company’s overall global employee count should easily surpass 200,000 workers overall.

Amazon has been adding new robots and boosting automation in its fulfillment centers, but the hiring bolsters the company’s claims that humans will remain “key to the process” of sorting, filling and shipping packages.

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Rocky City Sunset

Here’s an amazing sunset and skylines capturing the moment.  Take time from the daily tasks to refresh yourself and your surroundings.  Enjoy each day, nature and keep a positive attitude.

Source: Rocky City Sunset

$38 Billion Boeing-China Deal

The recent first U.S. visit from Chinese President Xi Jinping to Seattle resulted in a signing between Boeing and China. Seattle/Tacoma community scheduled many activities, leadership meetings and events.

$38 Billion Boeing-China Deal Includes First Facility in China                   

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The sale of 300 Boeing Co.airplanes worth $38 billion sale of 300 Boeing Co. airplanes worth to Chinese firms—the largest aerospace order ever from China—was announced last week during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Boeing in Seattle. The deal also includes a plan to establish a joint venture between Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. (COMAC) to open Boeing’s first facility in China, which will serve as a completion and delivery center for future Boeing 737 airliners. Details regarding the China facility are yet to be announced.

In the deal, Chinese airlines bought 240 airplanes, including 197 737s and 50 wide-body aircrafts. The other 60 737s were bought by leasing companies Industrial and Commercial Bank Financial Leasing Co. and China Development Bank Leasing Co.

With the expansion of both private and state-owned airlines, the Chinese commercial airplane fleet is expected to grow from 2,570 planes in 2014 to 7,210 planes in 20 years. One of Boeing’s French rivals in China, Airbus Group SE, has already established two joint venture facilities with COMAC in China, the second of which is expected to deliver its first wide-body A330 jet airliner in 2018

Microsoft Store Opens in New York City

Microsoft will open its second flagship store on October 26 in New York City.  It’s employees are both diverse staff able to communicate in multiple languages.  Jesse Tam suggests taking the opportunity to visit when you are in New York.  Seattle and Bellevue are fortunate to have the locations for customers to interact and learn about new products. Microsoft currently has more than 110 stores in Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S.   The company will donate more than $5 million in software and tech grants in technology.

The flagship Manhattan retail store will be on Fifth Avenue with more than 22,000 square feet on five floors.  It will be the largest Microsoft Store open.  The store will include an Answer Desk to help customers and to showcase the latest products.  Fun place to try out new technology and games.

If you haven’t experience the store, take time to see the latest products and technology.