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Starbucks Says One in Six Americans

The holiday season is behind us, but winter and cold weather still lingers for another month or so ahead.  What was the item that most people received during the holidays?  Did you get a  gift card over the over the holidays?  Seattle-based Starbucks chain says that one in six Americans received a Starbucks card over the holiday.  JesseTam blog.

Its most recent earnings showed an improvement over the one in seven ratio according to the company reported last year.  They also have more than 11 million loyalty program members.  The company hit a record sales high during the last three months of 2015 with a 12 percent increase over the previous year.

Whether it’s a latte, tea or hot chocolate on a cold day…such a simple way to warm up and relax from a robust evening or event.    read more posts and blogs…




Winter Wonderland

Beautiful  Mount Baker near Bellingham, Washington and close to the northern Canadian border.  The area is also a ski area and snow paradise for those who enjoy snowshoeing or playing on the snow.  An easy drive north on I-5 from Seattle/Bellevue/Everett area.  Jesse Tam – Mt Baker winter trails, nature and the great outdoors.

Did you know the 1935 version of The Call of the Wild  with Clark Gable and Loretta Young was filmed in Mount Baker National Forest because Twentieth Century Pictures felt it was remote enough to guarantee lack of interruption from skiers and other park visitors.  Paramount Pictures also filmed The Barrier at Mount Baker Lodge.

Happy trekking on the groomed trails and active day on the slopes.

People in My Life

The people in our lives and how each made a difference and impact throughout the years.  There are the teachers and educators whom we associated with in the early years of learning.  The friends and associates as we continued the path of our careers and so on.  Just a thought in how things shape our attitudes and outlook in society.

We have all been there and seen those who seem to be”friends” but in reality they have an opposite side and motivation.  Do not be deceived by friendly smiles and gestures, but what are the inner motives? The wolves lie low and work in packs.   I am thankful for all those difficult people in my life, they have shown me exactly who I do not want to be.

Seattle Seahawk Playoff Rally

A strong come back season after a lack luster start and injuries, the Seattle Seahawks will be playing in the NFL playoffs.   Lynch has returned and  joined the team after missing several games.  Expect a very cold kickoff at the stadium.  It could century linkbe the coldest day for the game, so remember to bundle up for adverse weather.  Frigid temperatures on the field may make this an interesting game.  How will the players respond to playing in single digit or 0 degrees?

It’s official, the Seattle Seahawks will be heading to cold wintry Minnesota against the Vikings on Sunday. The city of Renton will hold a 12s rally on Friday to cheer on the team as they prepare for the NFC Wild Card playoff game.

Join the event with the Sea Gals, Blitz,  Blue Thunder and the Renton’s  Mayor . The traditional pep rally will include the a ceremonial flag raising.  The event will at the Renton City Hall with rally to begin at noon.  Fans are encouraged to gather at 11:30am to allow for parking and the crowd.  Wear your Hawks colors and dress for a fun-filled afternoon to support our team.