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Hong Kong, The Least Affordable

Hong Kong Skyline

Traveling through Asia and China over the years, Hong Kong remains to be the least affordable place to live.  The high cost of real estate, housing and limited land are contributing factors.  Seattle with recently added direct flights to Hong Kong for business and leisure travelers make this destination a great place to visit.  Jesse Tam, views from Victoria Harbor to skyscrapers above makes it a city that never sleeps.  Transportation is simple to navigate from the international airport to reach the city center.

Hong Kong 19
Sydney 12.2
Vancouver 12.8
Auckland 9.7
Melbourne 9.7
San Jose 9.7
San Francisco 9.4
London 8.5
San Diego 8.1
Los Angeles 8.1

Hong Kong isn’t only the least affordable city  — it’s possibly the least affordable city ever.  Read more

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