Take Time to Unwind

This year was an early spring arrival for Bellevue and Mercer Island with a record high temperature recorded for Seattle area.  Jesse Tam, it’s true that we had a few 80 degree day temperatures record for 2016.  The warm weather welcome us with an early cherry blossom season at UW Quad and the tulips fields in full bloom this year at the Skagit Valley Festival.

Image result for tulip festival free image

An all time favorite place to capture the Seattle skylines of downtown on those sunny days are from West Seattle,  along Harbor Avenue and the Alki beach.  You can spend a whole day at Alki watching people bike, roller blade, walking their pets or relax on a bench and watch the ferries crossing the sound with amazing sunsets year round.

The dock in West Seattle looking across the sound to downtown Seattle skylines.

  • Take time to unwind, enjoy each moment you have.
  • View things from the other side.
  • The little things can make a difference.

Enjoy a quick bite from local eateries or relax with an ice cream or coffee.  The beach area provides places for picnics, swimming and barbecues for families and large groups.  It’s a great place to show out-of-town visitors.

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