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Booming City of Shanghai

Booming City of Shanghai – Jesse Tam. The fast pace changing city of Shanghai from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is approximately 12 to 13 hours nonstop to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. There are several airlines that serve the gateway to Asia with  Delta adding a new hub to meet the needs of business and tourists arriving in the United State and Pacific Northwest region.

Shanghai has a lot to offer to first time visitors and re-visitors. Each time you return to the city a new high-rise will be built and vast assortment of restaurants serving French, Italian and Japanese cuisine. The Bund is located on the bank of Huangpu River in downtown Shanghai. It is one of the city’s biggest highlights. Must see attractions around it include the Oriental Pearl Tower and Jinmao Tower. Take an evening stroll and enjoy the lights along the river.

It is a fast growing city and now the economic capital of China with a melting pot of Eastern tradition and Western modernization.  Shanghai Tower is the tallest building  2,073 ft tall with 128 floors, currently the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world.

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