Jesse Tam Bellevue/Seattle has an extensive financial background with over 30 year professional experience, Mega Pacific Investments. In addition to holding management positions with some of the world’s largest financial institutions, including Bank of America and Royal Trust of Canada and a founder, organizer and executive of three independent banks. For two of those banks, he served as Chairman and director, managing a total asset portfolio of over $300 million.

Jesse has been an active mentor for  Albers School of Business for over 20 years and board member & past chair for the Albers School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board. He is also active with the Boise State  Alumni Association, and frequent lecturer and speaker for the universities.

He served as District Governor for 2008-2009 overseeing 55 clubs and 3,500 members in the greater Seattle area and charter member of the Seattle International District  club.  Jesse has participated in and been involved in humanitarian projects, including polio eradication in Ethiopia with Gates Foundation, World Health Organization, and disability awareness program for children in Nepal, building elementary schools in NW Asia, and with many local projects.

My Links:

Schiller Institute   Seattle Area Strategic Seminar  http://schillerinstitute.org/highlite/2016/0723-seattle/program.html

 Jesse Tam 2016 Global Chinatown Conference Seattle Summit    http://convention.amchina.org/content/jesse-tam


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