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Washington Investments

The current economic issues, Jesse Tam details the EB5 investments opportunities creating an immigration market between Seattle and Asia.  Families in Asia are thinking about the future of their child’s education, food safety, clean water, smog issues, pollution, health and traffic. The new wealth amount Asian multimillionaire and billionaire provides a better lifestyle and environment.  The changes for the new entrepreneurs with cars and high rises lifestyle provides the ability to venture to new places and countries abroad. They travel to destinations that were once only dreams but now become a reality.

Investors are snapping up commercial buildings, land and houses in the Bellevue area from their new wealth.  The housing market created bidding wars on cash offers and prices above.  Reports and movies confirming great livable cities such as Seattle/ Bellevue and our education systems has created an opportunity for immigrants and investors.  They marvel at the blue skies, fresh air, mountains, lakes and affordability.  Washington state with the technical fore front Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, Alibaba, health care research, wineries and  the Yakima valley orchards.

A tour with Jesse Tam at a Yakima Orchard and famous apples from Washington state.  Trade for import and export is a major importance for our state and port traffic.  Our region has the climate for quality produce and harvest in fresh fruits and wine.  Asia loves the varieties of apples available from our area.  One of the places overseas visitors  enjoy is seeing the farms and orchards.

Apple Containers for Market


Processing Apples

Fruit Orchard



Seattle’s Waterfront Changing

Living in the Pacific Northwest brings out the beauty of nature as the background on a clear day shows the majestic view of Mount Rainier.  The snow-capped mountain is one of the great landmarks in Washington state, as well as the iconic shaped Space Needle built during the days of the Seattle World’s Fair.

The current waterfront is in a huge overhaul and reconstruction to provide earthquake safety from the two level freeway and the deteriorating  sea walls.  Several businesses were displace or closed late in the fall to provide the necessary work and repair for the pillars and waterfront properties.  Large cranes and a dedicated ceremony were held prior to the removal of the freeway to enhance the future landscape and renewal waterfront for the growing city.


Skylines of the Seattle Space Needle and Mt Rainier



View of the Waterfront and Port