Jesse Tam, sharing news and notes with our community network. Real estate market trends, forecast and growth in the region.  Learn about non-profit organizations and current events as a volunteer, mentor and how you can make a difference.  New updates relating to our environment, diversity and global changes from business alliances.  My participation with polio vaccination, World Health Organization (WHO), education, local and international projects with nonprofit organizations throughout the region.

Hear about traits of an entrepreneur and startup with business leaders. My passion in volunteering through mentoring and Rotarian serving as Rotary Past District Governor.  Why we must model the importance of giving back in our society and making a difference within our community.  Stay in tune with changes in the tech industry, startups, housing trends, safety in our cities, climate and environmental issues we are facing and more.  Jesse Tam, making a difference volunteer.  https://bit.ly/3rKgcYT

Jesse Mentor  View the Mentor List http://bit.ly/2o9wdW7    More about Albers Business School    https://www.seattleu.edu/business/centers-and-programs/mentor-program/mentor-list/tam-jesse.html

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